Have your own LMS? Try leasing our Class C course

July 1st, 2014

cert-SEAL-c_200Have a large number of Class C UST operators?
Frustrated with high turnover rates?
Have your own in-house Learning Management System (LMS)?

Did you know we lease our course software?  For some UST owners, leasing our Class C UST operator training courseware is a very smart alternative that can save you time, money and effort. (more…)

What our customers like about us

July 1st, 2014

paperWe periodically check our surveys to see how we’re doing and we are pleased to see some great feedback about our Class A/B courses. Here’s what our customers like about us. These are direct quotes gathered over the last six months. (more…)

Study Published on Potential UST Program Budget Cuts

June 30th, 2014

logoASTSWMO recently published a report about State/Territory UST programs and how potential budget cuts might affect their efforts at preventing leaking USTs. Here’s the full report.

Highlights: (more…)

More Tips and Ideas for Opening a Gas Station

June 30th, 2014

tanks-smBeing in the UST world means I subscribe to all sorts of online journals and publications that I sift through every day to see what nuggets I can pass along to our customers. The title of this one caught my eye: Tips and Ideas for Opening a Gas Station, which I found interesting but limited to what the customer sees and not what’s lurking underground. So here’s my short list if you’re thinking about building a new gas station. (more…)

Gas station fire: how to act quickly

June 20th, 2014

Aviary lohud-com Picture 1You might have caught this on the news this week: a driver with a medical condition crashes into a fueling car at a dispenser island, causing a major fire. An off duty police officer happens to be next to the accident and saves the day.

UST Outlook from EPA Headquarters

June 20th, 2014

I recently attended the National Institute for Storage Tank Management (NISTM) UST conference in Alexandria, Virginia on June 17 and got to listen to and hang out with senior officials of EPA’s Office of Underground Storage Tanks or OUST.Happy-Earth-Day You may or may not know there’s an office in Washington DC that directs national UST policy and works with states, territories and tribes to help those agencies implement their tanks program at a local level.

Conference Highlights:

EPA has been working since 2011 to add some enhancements to the national UST rules that would, if adopted, trickle down to states/territories/tribes over the next three years or so. Latest Official Word: Rules are supposedly getting their final reviews soon and could be adopted by fall of 2014. Some rule changes may or should include:

  • Monthly Inspections. A trained Class A/B operator would be required to do a brief monthly site walk through to make sure nothing was out of compliance and release detection records were being properly stored. States like Colorado and Wisconsin already require this and many of our customers do this anyway plus we suggest it in our training.
  • Equipment Testing. What’s still leaking? Sumps and spill buckets. What equipment can malfunction after a few years? Sensors and alarms. The proposed equipment testing rules using PEI RP 1200 should tackle nearly all the parts of the tank system that fail but currently don’t require testing.
  • Deferred Tanks. Technically many tanks out there used for emergency power generation that don’t have to do release detection and the new rules would require it moving forward. Nearly all the generator tank operators we know do it anyway.
  • Tribal rules. USTs on tribal lands would be updated to include what the rest of the states are mostly doing: operator training, delivery prohibition, and mandatory interstitial monitoring.

As soon as we get more updates about the proposed rule changes we’ll keep you updated.


Largest UST system in the US

June 12th, 2014

M176436613A typical 3-tank UST system totaling 30,000 gallons of product might seem like a lot of fuel but it’s nothing compared to the 250,000,000 gallon UST system near Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Check out the video describing the construction of this massive and still active site.

USTs, even on vacation

June 9th, 2014

testtanksTook a few days off and camped at Fort Stevens on the Oregon Coast. Even there, on the furthest reaches on the continental western US, I can’t get away from UST reminders. :)