About Us

Ben Thomas

Ben has been working with tank operators, regulators, inspectors and service providers since 1986. He was first a regulator and now is an independent consultant and senior trainer with UST Training. Currently he provides UST operators with motivational training throughout the United States. Ben lives on Whidbey Island, near Seattle Washington.


Kyle Michard

Kyle Michard joined the USTtraining team in 2010 as graphic designer. He created the new usttraining.com site with Matt McDowell (web designer/developer) All e-mail marketing, print and presentation efforts are designed by Kyle. A designer since 1983,  Kyle Michard brings his design and project management experience from dozens of Chicago and Seattle corporations. Kyle lives in Langley, near Seattle Washington. Kyle’s other design work is at: kylemichard.com/design

Matt McDowell

Matt joined the UST Training team in 2011 and brings with him experience in web development, security, and SEO. He provides freelance SEO consulting and website design & development services from scenic Whidbey Island, WA.

Steve Purpora

As a founding father, since 1979, Steve has worked extensively in all areas of underground storage tank, line, and leak detector testing and training, as well as vapor recovery and cathodic protection inspections. His experience includes over 20 years of field testing, training and consulting for the petroleum testing industry. Steve lives near Milwaukee, Wisconsin and currently runs multiple national and international businesses including a tank testing business, a corrosion testing company and even a Wisconsin vineyard.

Marcel Moreau

Another founding father, Marcel has worked exclusively in the field of liquid storage systems since 1983. He is an independent consultant providing information and educational services related to petroleum storage systems for government and private sector clients. He has given hundreds of seminars and training presentations and is widely published and quoted in trade publications. Marcel lives in Portland, Maine.